Avdel Monobolt Blind Rivet

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Avdel Monobolt Blind  Rivet

The Monobolt structural rivet is a high strength structural blind rivet with a locked stem and a positive hole fill for use in heavy-duty applications. Monobolt blind rivets are trademark Avdel products, designed and developed for demanding applications, where safety and performance are paramount to the customer, demands.

The Monobolt® rivet is a hole filling, multi-grip, structural break stem rivet available in steel or aluminum construction. Multi-grip means the rivet has the capability to join component parts having a broad range of thicknesses, thus reducing inventory where a variety of rivet sizes might otherwise be necessary. Hole filling means the rivet will expand radially into the application hole to provide a strong, vibration resistant joint and compensate for irregular, oversized, slotted or misaligned holes. Also, it can stop sheet movement in applications with non-standard holes.

Key features and benefits

  • High shear and tensile strength
  • Good sheet take-up performance
  • Visible lock for quick and easy inspection
  • Excellent hole fill via rapidly expanded body
  • Stem mechanically locked into the body
  • Wide choice of installation tools
  • One fastener can be used to replace several standard grip fasteners
  • Reduced fastener inventory and simpler stock control
  • Compensates for irregular, oversized, slotted or misaligned holes
  • Can stop sheet movement in non-standard holes
  • Large gap closing capability
  • Provides very strong, vibration resistant joints
  • No damage, electrical problems or rattling due to loose stems

Avdel Monobolt Blind rivet  can be used to fasten:

  • Metal to metal
  • Metal to plastic


Structural Fastening: An installed Monobolt fastener yields high shear and tensile values. Conventional fasteners can be replaced by Monobolt without compromising structural requirements.

Positive Stem Retention: At the completion of the installation cycle, the stem is mechanically locked into the Monobolt shell, creating a vibration-proof joint of assured structural quality.

Flush BreakStem: Within the specific grip range for each size, Monobolt fastener, the stem is designed to break flush with the low profile head. Secondary finishing operations, such as grinding or milling, are not necessary to achieve good product appearance.

Complete Hole Fill: During installation, the Monobolt shell expands into 360°contact with the walls of the parent material. This feature, in conjunction with positive stem retention, produces weather-resistant joints.

Quiet, Safe Installation: The Monobolt System, operating at 85db (“A” Weighted), complies with OSHA regulation governing plant noise level and operator safety.

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